Utilize your military experience with Loomis

Bring your hard-earned skills and knowledge from the armed forces to a new career where you can have a major impact on your future.

A new way to serve

You’ve chosen to dedicate your life to serving and protecting your country and those are attributes we want on our team. At Loomis, you’ll be encouraged to be a leader, taking the skills you’ve learned and utilizing them to grow your career. Join us and take your experience to new heights.

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Flex your military experience with us

Your background has given you valuable knowledge needed to fill many of our roles, especially Armed Driver Guards. We’ll work with you to make your transition from the armed forces to a new career as smooth as possible.

Our veteran partners

We make joining our team easy by working with many organizations focused on providing career opportunities to the brave men and women of our armed forces.

Hear from a veteran on our team

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    “I reached out to Loomis, went in for an interview, and within the first week felt like I had some importance back in my life.”

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    “There’s a lot of other veterans here and I feel comfortable and accepted to be around people with similar backgrounds.”

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    “It’s a great transition from being active to going into the workforce.”

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    “I have a lot of pride in being part of Loomis, especially in the sector that I work in. We know what’s best for our customers and we wear that as a badge of honor.”

Upcoming hiring events

There’s always a new opportunity for you to join our team through our hiring events.

  • - Grand Junction, CO Hiring Event - Armed Driver Guard and Armed Non-Driving Vault Teller

    July 19, 2024
  • - Albany, NY Hiring Event - Armed Driver Guard

    July 20, 2024